Monday, April 13, 2009

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I grew up in a communist and later on in post communist country. As is well known the main idea of the communism is the idea of equality. This means that everybody is equal in every level.
So I do not remember my mother staying home I taking care of me and my brother, but I do remember her coming back from work and starting with the housework. I remember her nervous and tired and still moving around the house (cooking, washing clothes, cleaning and millions of other things) and my father also very tired and nervous, watching TV. Why her because that was a woman’s job. It is very easy to write something down and as a low and to force people to follow, but u cannot change that easily traditions and mentality being there forever. Like in so many other countries, in mine also, traditions said woman stays home and take care of the house, man is working and taking care of them. But that is just a tradition. Now everything is different. The life is difficult and only one person working in a family is not enough. So women don’t have a choice. They need to go and work just like men- any job. There is no separation between man and woman job. It is not about that any more .We can see women driving those huge trucks, passing the country, passing hundreds of miles alone and we can see men being a nurses. Some jobs are just not suitable for women, but this doesn’t mean that women are not doing it. Women and men are exchanging their jobs, they are getting more open-mind and looking for better opportunities. People are force to get any type of job, because of the competition and growing unemployment. Is the GENDER still exists? I don’t know, but everything is a xouse for me. We are making money and loosing something very important- the connection with our kids and our partners, the coziness of our homes. I believe in gender discrimination. I think that is for good and so much hope one day again every woman to have a choice to stay home or to go to work and make career just because she wants to, not because she must to.

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  1. Interesting post! Do you really mean that you favor discrimination? I think you're trying to say something else - something interesting here. How do you think we could go about making sure more women have the choices you describe?